The Ultimate Guide To Travel With Kids

Believe it or not, travel with a young child can be highly rewarding, even fun—and we should know, because we’ve done it. We are The 2 Idiots who has traveled as a family to 6 continents, 44 different countries, taken 70+ flights and been to over a 100 destinations. This included an incredible 9-month trip around world. We have learned a lot along the way—created our own travel philosophy—and were inspired to write this book, How to Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind).

The goal of this book is to inspire you and provide tips, strategies and advice to travel with your kids NOW! Don’t lose out on those early years and start building memories now.

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Better than a “how to” parenting guide, this book is a “how we did it (and what we learned)” guide for domestic and international travel. Practical, positive, and realistic, the zest to see the world and open that world up to one’s child is contagious, at least it was to this reader. “Bravo!” – Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D, author of: WHO STOLE MY CHILD—parenting through four stages of adolescence.

Why should you buy this book?

  • Incredible reviews on
  • 4-sections, 22 comprehensive chapters
  • Covers every aspect of travel with kids
  • Our innovative approach will get you extra space on the plane for FREE, save you tons of money on food and accommodation (estimated average family savings of $1500+ in just the next 3-years)
  • Bonus chapter on our favorite toys for travel, learning apps and travel products
  • Fun, inspiring, entertaining read throughout – the book has been read by thousands of parents in over 80 countries across the world to travel more!

“I have bought and read your book. It’s amazing! I love your approach to travel and have found lots of new tips, strategies and advice. You have done a great job of creating this book!” – Kateryna, Mom of 2

What’s in the book?

How to Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind) is broken into 4 sections and 22 comprehensive chapters that covers all aspects of travel with kids based on our groundbreaking travel philosophy, Be F.L.E.X.I.B.L.E. 

Overview of the 4 sections in the book

  • Ready, Set, Prep: Learn about how to mentally prepare yourself and your kids for a trip, how to handle money, what to pack with printable checklists and so much more.
  • Conquering the elements: Planes, trains, and automobiles (not to mention buses and cruises). You’re going to use at least one on your trip, but we prepare you for all 5. This section includes the Plane Seat Hacking Strategy, the unique approach that we’ve developed to get extra space on the plane for FREE.
  • Surviving the trip: Learn how to make the most from your trip. Handling the inevitable travel tantrum, food concerns, managing sickness, dealing with jet lag and sleep schedules, travel with a toilet-training child, keeping your kids entertained and so much more. We also discuss how we saved over $8000 dollars in the chapter, Our Accommodation Survival Guide.
  • Our favorites: Save time and money by getting access to a carefully curated list of our favorite travel destinations, products, toys, books, learning apps and much more.

Here is a sample of what you’ll learn

  • Our secret to getting extra space on a plane for FREE – this will save you hundreds of dollars!  
  • 8 potty secrets that’ll save your trip
  • Our top 12 tips to making any flight fuss-free
  • How to help your child sleep anywhere and instantly adjust to a new schedule
  • 5 steps to handle travel tantrums LIKE A BOSS
  • How to travel stress-free and happy with 1, 2, or even 3 kids
  • The simple packing technique that lets you find what you’re looking for in seconds – as part of our Mary Poppins Packing Method
  • 9 things you wouldn’t believe that you could do with your kids while traveling
  • The three little things you can’t replace on your trip (and how to make sure they’re safe)
  • And so much more!

Our table of contents

  • Meet The 2 Idiots
  • Our Philosophy: Be F.L.E.X.I.B.L.E.
  • Why Wait? Travel Now! 
  • Section 1: Ready, Set, Prep
    • It’s All Mental 
    • More Money, More Travel, More Problems 
    • Pack Like Mary Poppins (with printable packing checklists!)
  • Section 2: Conquering The Elements
    • Buckle Up Fast With Your Boarding Pass (Plane Travel)
    • Chuggin’ Along In Style (Train Travel)
    • Road Trippin’ (Car Travel)
    • Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round (Bus Travel)
    • Whatever Floats Your Boat (Cruising)
  • Section 3: Surviving the Trip
    • Our Accomodation Survival Guide 
    • Tales Of Tantrums And Many Cities 
    • Sleeping Nightmares  
    • Food Diaries  
    • Keeping The Doctor Away  
    • Saving Private Poopers  
    • How To Take Your Kids Anywhere!  
    • The Best Fun is Cheap Or Free
    • The More, The Merrier
  • Section 4: Our Favorites
    • Destinations For Every Occasion
    • Sites To Check Before You Jet
    • Have No Fear – Grab The Right Gear
    • Don’t Leave Home Without These Apps
    • Gifts That Make Travel Easier 
  • Adios, Sayonara, Goodbye … For Now

“How To Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind) is a must-read for any parent looking to travel with young children. From helpful tips on making road trips easier to practical solutions for surviving a mid-trip toddler meltdown to helpful packing lists designed to save time and space, Abhishek and Natasha walk you through how to make travel both fun and doable with children of all ages. As a parent who used to feel anxious traveling with my young child, I can honestly say that I’m planning to implement many of their innovative suggestions for my family’s trip next week!” – Lora, Mom of 1

Here is how to buy the book

We have the book available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format (paperback format in limited countries).

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